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World Water Day


An exciting puppet theatre performed by La Ruta del Teatrino followed by an animating quiz for children at Kiddykare International Kindergarten in Bangkok stressed the importance of responsible water consumption and preservation of global freshwater resources.

Freshwater is a key factor to ensure life on earth, and the puppet theatre easily caught the 2-6 years old children’s attention through a variety of animals and colorful backgrounds along with music and animation.

During the performance, flying monsters, symbolizing bacteria, threaten the peaceful life of a shiny turtle, a lion takes an extensive shower, consuming excessively freshwater, and a spiteful monkey throws garbage in the sea. The children participated actively in the performance by addressing and giving advice to the puppets, and gave a big applause to the performers.

The event was organized by UNESCO Bangkok and hosted by Kiddykare International Kindergarten to celebrate World Water Day, an International Day incepted in 1992 during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro to raise globally issues related to freshwater consumption.

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