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New Members of the Asian Academy Executive Committee Elected


New Members of the Asian Academy for Heritage Management Executive Committee have been elected.

We are pleased to announce the member of the AAHM Executive Committee. Following shows the list of AAHM Executive Committee members by category:

Core Members

  • Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific (CHCAP), Deakin University
  • Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
  • Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University
  • The World Heritage Research Center, College of Urban & Environment Science, Peking University 
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

Individual Affiliate

  • Mr Laurence Loh

Institutional Affiliate

  • Center for Cultural Heritage Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Associate Member

Since no Associate Members were nominated to the AAHM Executive Committee, slot reserved for the Associate Member has been made available to an additional core member, in order to retain the number of the AAHM Executive Committee.

According to the AAHM Statutes which were endorsed on August 2008, the AAHM Executive Committee shall be responsible for the following tasks:
to act in accordance with the decisions of the members;

  • to set its own terms of reference;
  • to meet on a regular basis as required, at least once every year, either in person or on-line;
  • to consider and to accept new members;
  • to mobilize resources for the network;
  • to review the progress of the focal points; and
  • to prepare a draft programme of work for approval by the members at the General Meeting.

Within this context, AAHM will shortly hold the first online AAHM Executive Committee meeting in order to discuss anticipating issues for the restructuring of the AAHM, including:

  • Appointing the AAHM Secretariat
  • Appointing of the AAHM Knowledge Management Hub (KMH)
  • Confirming the UNESCO’s and ICCROM’s representation
  • Confirming the official roles
  • Discussing the detail AAHM Executive Committee structure

The AAHM Executive Committee will be having the first meeting within the first half of the 2009. It is expected that the transitional period to the new AAHM operational structure will be undertaken by the end of 2009.

We are also pleased to announce that the first General Meeting for all the members, as per the Statutes, will be held, concurrent to the 2nd AAHM Conference, which will be held at the IFT in Macao SAR, China from 1 to 3 December 2009. Detail information about the General Meeting will be soon announced separately.

For more information about the AAHM, please send inquires to the