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Good Policy and Practice in HIV and Health Education – Booklet 8: Education Sector Responses to Homophobic Bullying

This booklet is the eighth in a series of publications that address key themes of UNESCO’s work in HIV and Health Education. It marks the first of several contributions to school-based health promotion that UNESCO will produce to complement our work in HIV and sexuality education. 

Intended mainly for education sector policy-makers, planners and managers, the booklet lays out the context, extent and impact of homophobic bullying and synthesizes lessons learned as well as good policies and practices for an education sector response to homophobic bullying.  It will also be useful for school governing bodies, administrators, head teachers, teachers and other educators who are tackling some of the challenges to create healthy learning environments.

Download Booklet 8 (English; Chinese and Korean

About other booklets in the series:

Booklet 1 of the series provides an overview of why HIV and AIDS are important issues for the education sector, identifies weaknesses in current policy and programming responses, and highlights evidence gaps. 

Booklet 2 discusses issues affecting learners in the context of HIV and AIDS, including rights and access to education, protection, knowledge and skills, and care and support. 

Booklet 3 discusses issues affecting educators in the context of HIV and AIDS, including training, conduct, and care and support. 

Booklet 4 concentrates on the role and importance of strategic partnerships in developing education sector responses to HIV and AIDS, while Booklet 5 focuses on the topic of effective learning using illustrative examples.

Booklet 6 discusses the key role of pre-service teacher training for the delivery of effective sexuality educations and HIV prevention education. 

Booklet 7 illustrates the links between gender, HIV and education, and highlights current thinking and experiences, innovative approaches and lessons learned, in order to inform policy and programming. 

Booklet 9 aims to increase commitment to addressing and implementing puberty education and menstrual hygiene management in educational institutions.

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